I have this project that I’ve been working on for a few months now. Taking photos of things that inspire me. Not in a trying-to-take-this-from-an-unexpected-angle or a shooting-this-from-the-reflection-of-a-puddle way, but trying to document the inspiration straight-on. That’s because the inspiration IS the art. And should be the focus. Because I am photographing street art. Something that is unfortunately more temporary than it really should be. So, I am doing my best to document what few pay attention to, or get a chance to see since it is so temporary — whether due to graffiti abatement projects, rain washing away the art, new tags going up over old, or the location itself changing with a remodel, removal of temporary addition, or the fixing of a broken window that had been covered by a blank canvas of plywood.

I imagine the ivy remnants to be blood vessels pumping in fear, the eyes are so wide open. Parking lot of a coffee place on close-in NE Couch on Jan. 30, 2011.

I will try to use my own photography exclusively (but will definitely give credit to anyone else I use), and will try to give as much detail as I can about where I took every photograph.

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