In addition to my resume, below are a few examples of events I’ve helped organize.


The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference covers everything from testing, Agile practices, and management techniques. I helped with the conferences communications in 2013, doing everything from writing content for newsletters and social media posts, to arranging informative gatherings for potential paper presenters to discuss trends in the industry and get feedback on their proposals. Through strategic campaigns, PNSQC received more paper submissions, early-bird registrations, overall registrations, and more revenue in 2013 than years past.

Open Source Bridge

In 2013, in addition to becoming the Communications Chair of Stumptown Syndicate — the nonprofit that runs OSBridge, WhereCamp, Ignite Portland, and BarCamp Portland — I also moderated the DIY: Creativity and Open Source panel at the conference. (Video and audio coming soon!)

As conference media liaison, I interviewed some of the speakers at OSBridge 2011:

Keynote Mayor Sam Adams

Keynote Pete Fein

Speaker Sumana Harihareswara


Digital Journalism Camp

I moderated a panel for the second DJC, on startup media enterprises


Vegan Iron Chef

An interview I did during the last competition.

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