I’ve taken a multidisciplinary approach to my career and continuing education. In college, I was a journalist and copy editor/layout designer, then editor of the daily student paper. I also conducted ethnographic studies for my other major, American Studies. When I worked for newspapers, I designed pages, edited articles, and wrote headlines, then started doing more and more online postings, and eventually became a web editor. I got into more web design and did a few WordPress sites as a freelancer. I continued writing as well, and am now in charge of communications for a technology and education nonprofit. Over the years, I have combined writing, design, and interviewing skills into content strategy and user experience projects for clients.

In addition, I have experience with:

Project management

Stayed organized while on or running committees and teams using Basecamp, Trello, Freshbooks, Github, and many more tools. I’m a fast learner with tools, but, more than that, I believe in communicating regularly with my team, with check-ins and accountability.


Wrote and conducted attendance, volunteer, general feedback, and organizer questionnaires in Wufoo, SurveyMonkey, and Google forms. I love data, and we use the responses to make everything we do even better, through inclusivity, lowering barriers to entry, and making people feel welcome.

Content management

Posted and edited web content using Django, Drupal, Joomla!, Mediawiki, Plone, WordPress, and many more interfaces. I’ve also given tutorials to clients so they can navigate and then take over sites to start posting their own content.

Design software

Designed media using InDesign, Scribus, Quark, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp. I am addicted to using InDesign. But I also try to use open source alternatives of the Creative Suite, too, as there are some incredibly neat features with the latest releases.


Edited audio and video using Audacity, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, CineFX.


Wrote for and edited The Portland Observer, The Portland Alliance, Portland Business Journal, Street Roots, The Salinas Californian, Wausau Daily Herald, Titan Magazine, and The Daily Titan. I’ve made zines and written for blogs, and still love print publications.


Edited content using AP Style, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Style, Wikipedia Manual of Style. I’ve helped create and update style guides, too. I like consistency.


  • Foreign: Spanish (intermediate)
  • Computer: CSS (advanced), HTML (advanced), JavaScript (beginner), Python (beginner)

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