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I am a consultant, focusing on:

  • Making events more accessible
  • Content strategy, including creating and implementing editorial calendars
  • Content creation, focusing on campaigns across platforms
  • Project management for community organizing and event management
  • Facilitation of teams, whether business-to-business or nonprofit work.

Contact me to work on short-or long-term contract work, whether remote or in person.

I would also consider a full-time day job if the right opportunity — working on a team of dedicated and passionate people, creatively approaching solutions, doing projects that benefit underserved communities — arises.

What I Do

At To The Point Collaborative, I am a consultant working on content strategy, outreach and promotion, and UX design. For one main client, the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC), I have:

  • Worked on a content audit to accompany a rollout of an update to the mobile version of the site.
  • Built up more of a year-round community, with resources for attendees, presenters, and enthusiasts, and now have regular meetups.
  • Initiated gatherings around the Call for Abstracts, seeking presenters for the annual 3-day event, and talked to attendees about the submission process.

At Taqueria Los Gorditos Co., I did a little of everything. From food photography and menu design to site building and event promotion, I have worked with this local small business since 2007.

One specialized thing I have also done for Los Gorditos is to create customer profiles based on times of day, days of the week, and location. I conducted interviews and ethnographic research, and presented my findings and recommendations. I then worked with the owners to create a branding overhaul, including new menu items, signage, and a more uniformed look to all the locations. Due to health issues within the family of owners, most of the work has not been enacted, but we’re still slowly implementing changes.

I started designing their menus not long after their original food cart location opened, and have designed forms and inventory lists for in-house use, did the original site design, project management for structural and fixture upgrades at the locations, and helped put together three business proposals for new locations.

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